New Wave Dance Company

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We focus on teaching values through dance that children and young adults will use for the rest of their lives. We want our students to leave the program with the following principles etched in their minds:

    • Always show respect to

      yourself and others

    • Always be courteous
    • Always be dependable
    • Accept responsibility
    • Team work is key- one for all

      and all for one.

New Wave Dance Company was founded in the State of New York by Alice T. Judge-Thrower. New Wave Dance Company is the direct result of the founders beliefs, goals, passion and responsibility to a community of parents and children that needs us as we need them. To be able to give back to a community that has helped us become motivated, responsible and passionate role models is simply priceless. 

New Wave Dance Company is dedicated to providing quality dance instruction to youth and young adults. We promote learning in a positive environment. New Wave Dance Company’s approach to teaching dance helps each student reach their highest individual potential and gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments.


Because dance classes are unregulated in the United States anyone can open up a studio and "teach" children. That is why we at New Wave Dance Company encourage parents to shop around and try many different studios before choosing one that they feel is appropriate. We feel that rather than focus too much attention on the "style" of movement that is being taught, parents should choose classes for their children based on how the instructor works with their students. New Wave Dance Company believes that if the dance program is taught well, the parent should notice an improvement in their child's self esteem, coordination, focus, and cognitive skills in AND outside of class! So as you tread through the vast array of enrichment classes that are out there for children, please remember that these classes should be about discovering life and yourself through the arts because self expression is great for the body and the soul!

No matter which style of dance your child chooses, a pattern of enjoying healthy exercise in a dance class can become the foundation for a lifetime of energetic, physical activity.

All of the classes at New Wave Dance Company reflect a commitment to promoting high self esteem. They entertain as well as educate and most of all, allow every child to be just that - a child! New Wave Dance Company takes a developmental approach to teaching.

We have realistic and age-appropriate expectations for children. Our classes begin with a consistent structure. From there we add a developmental theme, physical focal elements (designed to strengthen coordination, build body awareness or flexibility, and in the case of ballet classes, introduce technical elements for practice), and finally we add a professional component to tie everything together.

New Wave Dance Company has a great staff that encourages each student to aspire towards their own personal goals and promotes self-esteem and a positive body image.